Parking at Hobart Airport

Hobart Airport has carparks that accommodate both short term and long term stays. You can find all parking directly opposite the terminal building. There are three parking options available for customers and you can use these to park your own car or your car rental in Hobart.The carpark area is directly opposite the terminal building, and you simply park up and pay before you leave, either at the pay stations by the doors or with a credit card as you exit at the boom gates. Rates range from $3 for up to 30 minutes to $75 for a week. 

Main Car Park

The Main Car Park can be used for dropping off or picking up passengers. The short term-parking can be found outside the terminal and is only a short walk from the check-in or arrivals area. It is is free for up to 10-minutes.

Valet Parking

For those who want the convenience of dropping off their car right in front of the terminal, Valet Parking located inside the Main Car Park is the perfect option. To take advantage of Valet Parking, simply park your car outside in one of the designated spaces and an attendant will do the rest for you. Valet parking is a bit more expensive and does not allow for less-than-a-day of parking. Rates start at $25 for one day of parking.

Saver Car Park

For those who are on a budget or just want to save that extra cash for your food or souvenirs, the Saver Car Park provides great value. It’s a short walk to the terminal, and fees start from just $15 per day.

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