Customs: Hobart International Airport

Due to the Australia’s geographical position and the fact that it is essentially a large island with extremely diverse endemic flora and fauna, Australia has developed strict custom laws that protect the country from biological hazards, harmful goods, and unauthorised visitors. These laws apply to mainland Australia as well as its second largest island Tasmania. Ensure you take into account these strict laws and act accordingly when arriving at Hobart International Airport.
To find out more as to what you can and cannot bring into the country (and to avoid any unnecessary hassle), visit the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection website. Browsing through the website and becoming well acquainted with the rules and regulations is advised. Essentially illegal drugs, plants, animals are not allowed to enter the country. International passengers are required to undergo a screening which may be somewhat lengthy from time to time so if you plan to book a Hobart car hire service, do keep this in mind.
Currently, customs procedures do not apply to those landing at Hobart Airport. Passenger screening will most likely occur at the first Australian destination of arrival - most likely to be Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne.

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